Oceania Marine Energy
Sustainable Shipping
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The Vessel

CGR Arctic Marine AS
Kanfer Shipping
Engine Technology
Hybrid LNG-Electric
Bunker PArcel
LNG - Methanol - Ammonia

The Design

Oceania are excited to be partnering with Kanfer Shipping, a Norway-based shipping company. Kanfer has an exclusive design license with CGR Arctic Marine AS.

CGR is focused on enabling liquid gas transportation with the lowest possible environmental footprint, with the intention of achieving zero emissions marine transportation in the future.

The vessel design utilises LNG as a fuel combined with hybrid and peak energy shaving technologies from Kongsberg Maritime and, with future modification, the Rolls-Royce Bergen gas engines can be converted to operate on ammonia.

The vessel is designed for simplicity and can be adapted to load LNG, methanol or ammonia.